Do you want to know that how much you need to pay for the CISM exam? Here, we will tell you about the CISM certification cost.  

It is true that the CISM exam is not inexpensive. You have to pay $760 as an exam fee. While if you are a member of ISACA, then you have to pay $575 as an exam fee. But you can get ISACA membership if you pay the joining fee, and then you have to pay $130 in one year. However, you can get the advantage in exam discounted fees if you are a member of ISACA.

CISM Certification Requirements

The following are the things that you need to get a CISM certificate:

  • You need to become successful in the CISM exam. 
  • You need at least five years of practice in the data safety program. You also need 3 out of these five years of data safety manager practice.
  • Get in touch with a code of skilled principles of ISACA.
  • You need to make an agreement to obey the CISM continuous study strategy.

Now the advance exam of ISACA’s CISM contains 631 multiple choices and covers 4 data safety control fields.

How to Pass Your CISM Certification Easily?

It is not easy to pass the CISM exam. You need to gather too much information through different sources on data safety and need much experience and understanding.

Suppose you are worried about how you will pass the exam because the material is too much. Then we have solved your issue because we will tell you that how you can get study material to pass the CISM exam. After studying from different guides, you will be able enough to pass the exam and get the CISM certificate.

CISM prerequisites:

Passing the exam is not enough to become CISM; you still need at least five years of job practice in data safety and three years out of 5 years in data safety management. You need to get this experience ten years prior to application duration or within five years after exam passing.

Maintaining CISM certification:

If you have to get a CISM certificate, then you need to maintain it. For this, you need to continuously get knowledge and understanding of data safety management. Further, you need to pass 20 CPE hours per year and obey the code of skilled morals of ISACA.

Is CISM Course is Right for You?

If you are an expert in data safety, technical field and can manage technical issues, then the CISM course is a good choice for you. You will become manager from team worker. Through CISM, you can confidently interact with investors and regulators. This CISM certificate brings reliability and makes arrangements between the data safety program and its aims.

Final Verdict

Finally, we have discussed how much you have to pay for the exam or what is the overall CISM certification cost. It is not cheap; you have to pay much price if you want to appear in this exam. Further, you need to gather much information from different resources to pass this exam. You also need five years of experience to become CISM certified.